I’m sorry I’m not sorry.


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Cotton candy cupcakes 


Bill lasted 3 minutes


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Every frame of these two gifs is gold. Click and drag I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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That little tail wag kills me

I’m going to take a gamble that they need it and flag heyheyrenay and programmedradly on this.

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and then the sweatpants, board games, and scary movies after party ensues


you know what i’m thinking about

naruto attracting all the foxes

team 7 going on a long mission for the first time, they set up their little camp, get inside their sleeping bags, fall asleep, only to wake up in the middle of the night to naruto’s surprised scream and see him covered in foxes sniffing his hair and clothes, nuzzling his bellybutton and yipping excitedly 

sakura and sasuke have never been so confused before

'help' naruto cries

kakashi finds it adorable. he doesn’t have the willpower to worry about demon foxes and their side effects at 3 in the morning. not even when naruto’s obviously ticklish and is currently dying slowly under a pile of enthusiastic fur

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digital version :)


digital version :)

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DID YUO KNOE: Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch is credited for voicing the character Bill Cipher, but in actuality, Bill is possessing Alex and using him as a vessel to speak to the outside world.

Hirsch accidentally traded his soul to Cipher at the age of seven for a Snickers bar. 

The entirety of the show Gravity Falls is just an elaborate cry for help.

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