spookyybill said: hey so! that fic you wrote about bill getting attached to the pines twins was basically everything i've ever wanted and i was wondering if you knew where to find more fics like that because that is my favorite trope on the planet. thanks!

Hi there! I’m glad you liked my little fanfic! Yes ‘Babysitter Bill’ is an awesome idea that needs more love! (And I hope to be writing more for it soon!)

My friend Chris has written a few terrific fanfics about Bill and the Pines twins! These two are my favorites, but if you look through her blog (www.charliessketchesandshit.tumblr.com) she’s got a few more fics, and a LOT of terrific artwork about Bill and the twins that you can check out!

And Demons Behaved


Darkest Hours


If you like them it would be awesome if you could drop her a note to let her know, I’m sure it would make her day!

Furthermore Chris and I are long term RP buddies and we did a fantastic Bill/Pine Twins RP a few days ago! We loved it so much we’re working on turning it into a fanfic, so look out for that coming soon!

Hope this helps!





FANTASTIC video at the link, and WOW Madoka. Just… Wow.





FANTASTIC video at the link, and WOW Madoka. Just… Wow.

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not letting this meme die featuring mostly bill cipher

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Reasons Gravity Falls is a bad show:

  • repetitive character design. if you look closely the two main characters have extremely similar features
  • use of secret codes and ciphers even though most of the fanbase speaks english. inconsiderate.
  • unrealistic standards for triangles

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Holy Crap!

Guys, guys I am amazed!! I am astounded!!

I posted 'Eye to Eyes' just before I logged off last night. Imagine my shock when I logged on this afternoon to find it already has OVER 100 NOTES?!!

Oh my gosh I just don’t know what to do with myself!

Thank you all so much you’ve made my day!

Seeing Eye to Eyes

Gravity Falls Fanfiction. Bill Cipher is a all-knowing dream demon and he is NOT becoming attached to the Pines Twins. Nope. Definitely not.

Platonic fluff, no romance.

Trigger Warning: Brief mention of suicide.

A big thank you to my good friend Chris a.k.a charliessketchesandshit who helped me with editing this chapter! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Bill Cipher had been spawned omniscient, an all seeing eye with access to every piece of information there was. He could delve into the human psyche and pull out any and every thought, feeling, or half conceived notion with a wave of his hand and twirl of his cane. He’d watched human memories, sharing their experiences from birth to death in the same time it would take you to take a breath, and experienced every bright and twisted and terrifying dream the collected human subconsciousness could come up with.

Really, you couldn’t blame him for turning out a little…loopy

Bill knew innately from the moment of his creation that he was ‘born’ to corrupt humanity, and after swiftly reviewing all his information he came to one conclusion.

They were laughably stupid.

It was hilarious! They wandered around with the notion they were all special little snowflakes because they made art and music and attempted to examine their own thoughts and feelings, when in reality they were pitifully easy to out think and manipulate. It put him in stitches!!

This viewpoint, combined with his complete and utter lack of morals, is what made Bill such an excellent demon.

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I’ve read a lot of cool Gravity Falls Fanfics. But guys. I want babysitter Bill. No romance. Just Bill trying to keep Dipper and Mabel out of mortal danger and the twins abusing the fact that they have a demon following them around.

Bill may be keeping his eye on the twins and watching all the trouble they get into, but he didn’t realize how hard it would be to keep them from getting hurt (they seem to think that just because the dream demon is there, they can take bigger risks).

"Whoa kids, I don’t think this is a good idea."

"But you’re here! Nothing can hurt us when we have a powerful demon on our side. Right?"


"Okay then let’s go!"

*Quiet swearing in multiple forgotten languages as Bill floats after the runaway twins*

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